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Tine Claerhout X KNOTORYUS for De Morgen Magazine & interieur2014

Tine Claerhout X KNOTORYUS for De Morgen Magazine & interieur2014

When Brussels' based photographer Tine Claerhout reached out to me a couple of months ago to say she'd been following my work for a while and flat-out asked if there was any way we could do something together, I couldn't help but think about the times I reached out to people I dug and the chances they gave me in this come-up.

Since she has shot several dope designer-series & lookbooks, but had never done anything for the print media I collaborate with (and also casually mentioned that she used to be a B-girl and probably could still do a head-spin if she really set her mind to it), I vowed to see if I could put her on.

Paying it forward game all strong, doggs, because our story for De Morgen Magazine's INTERIEUR2014 issue drops tomorrow.

Special thanks to Els Maes & An Michiels!

Tight hugs as usual to Avenue, Lockwood (you know where to go to get your PALACE fix and also if you're tryna hang out with Gen Next Level, right?), A Cut Above & Smets for ALWAYS having my back and providing and trusting me with that goodgood.

So don't forget to pick up your copy of De Morgen tomorrow and come join us at INTERIEUR2014 next weekend! (If the barrage of to-do's at Kortrijk's bi-annual design fest seems a bit overwhelming : check out the interview I did for Xandres Magazine with An Michiels. She'll guide you through.)

Above image : Tine Claerhout

Styling : Dominique Nzeyimana for KNOTORYUS

H&MU : Sofie Van Bouwel /Dominique Models

Model : Renee / Jill Models

Top : Palace x Adidas Originals ; Shirt : Diesel Black Gold (shouts to Thorwald, Lofty305 & Yoni) ; necklace : Wouters & Hendrix; denim : Acne Studios at Smets.


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