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Looks for When They Want to Try You

Looks for When They Want to Try You

The 1st of April, the official Oh-You-Tried-That holiday, is looming around the corner so I’m here with a PSA: no one will ever consider trying you when your look is all that. You may be grown up now, but there will still be a tweet or ‘news’ post in your feed that will get you all riled up for 2.6 seconds before you realise what has transpired and to which extent you were just tried.

So whether you’re facing internet pranksters, a friend in the group text or that rando civil servant who just sent you a county tax letter asking for coins because they’re considering building a bike trail you’ll never use: here are some looks to shut down all of them before they even hit you with an ‘omg guess what?’.

RAF SIMONS EYELET CABAN Here’s the deal: if you can’t see them, they can’t try you. Not even by retweeting something inane supporting whatever Chris Brown managed to type out that day. Thank you, Raf!

(available as from today at The Broken Arm)



When someone tries to show you that aeons-old fake

Beyoncé tracklist

("Lemonade Taste ft. Adele", please try harder) you can swivel around and hit ‘em with the bejeweled denim glory that is your back, in #MarcJacobsPremiere.



When the clipboard at the door asks if you came alone, drop your fur and hit ‘em with the only plus one that matters. Bye wig!

(available as from April 1st at Plus One,






The Broken Arm


Marc Jacobs


Plus One

All the T on 'glödande', the Walter Van Beirendonck X Ikea Collection

All the T on 'glödande', the Walter Van Beirendonck X Ikea Collection

 Bring him - "Pendulum"

Bring him - "Pendulum"