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Things to Be Here for This Week

Things to Be Here for This Week

Much like Angela Kardashian, Things To Be Here For This Week is back with a vengeance! Here’s a concept: you, feeling good and placated, after reading this list. Get into it:



The fantastic Alice and Raph of

ALICE Gallery

are the co-founders of a completely new Brussels museum called 


 and this is so big. The first expo is called 'City Lights' (featuring artists

Maya Hayuk







) and the grand public opening is tomorrow (details below). KNOTORYUS attended yesterday's



, but you will also find me there tomorrow with my Parra-designed MIMA logo pin crying over the beauty. More on this soon!

Wherever S. goes, appropriate David Shrigley artwork materialises

Antwerp stock sales (18/04-24/04)

Raf Simons SS03

Gird your loins and gather your coins! Antwerp stock sale season is nigh and you’re more than welcome to come get bayoneted for trying to snatch some archive Dries or Raf from me. More info here.

KIVU coffee

KIVU is a new premier coffee passion project by 

Christina Hardy

, inspired by the D.R. of Congo. Hardy's résumé casually contains projects you've loved forever (that Kate Moss Another Man

special issue poster

hanging in my tiny purple uni bedroom? Hardy DOP'ed it). KIVU has just soft-launched, you can preorder


and get that early adopter glow.

Amandla Stenberg

’s ‘Blue Girls Burn Fast’

“Don’t come for my Hot Cheetos, Rachel Dolezal!”

The flaw-free Amandla Stenberg,

hugger of Oprah

, has written, directed, shot and edited her first short film ‘Blue Girls Burn Fast’. It’s quotable, packed with millennial shade/Weltschmertz and scintillating with Stenberg's #blackgirlmagic.

IVY PARK Hoist the nearest child unto your back and find a plot of grass: IVY PARK has dropped! You too can soon stunt in a Bey-blessed bodysuit at your local gym/club/wine and cheese night by going here. The line has not sold out yet, but the queen giveth and taketh so get to stepping. Also, be sure to check out Ostend’s Very Own, Ms. Ouniserving looks as one of 13 European IVY Park ambassadors!

Images: MIMA, Amandla Stenberg, Ivy Park, Raf Simons Archive, KIVU

Come join KNOTORYUS tomorrow at MIMA's opening vernissage:

15/04/2016 from 10.00AM to 8:30PM

Music performances by FTRSND: 6:30PM - sonøren (live) 7:30PM - Sparkling Bits

MIMA - Quai du Hainaut 39-41 1080 Brussels - www.mimamuseum.eu Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM

‘CITY LIGHTS’ (15/04/2016 > 28/08/2016) featuring the artists Maya Hayuk SWOON MOMO & FAILE (Admission free the 15th of April)

Five Things to Watch on a Friday Feat. Kaytranada, Anderson .Paak, Woodkid, Tigran Avetisyan, Chance the Rapper, Saba, Babymetal

Five Things to Watch on a Friday Feat. Kaytranada, Anderson .Paak, Woodkid, Tigran Avetisyan, Chance the Rapper, Saba, Babymetal