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Things to Be Here for This Week

Things to Be Here for This Week

Since I couldn’t get Alessandro to send me carbon copies of Beyoncé’s Gucci video looks, I had to direct my obsession elsewhere. Here are some things to be #here for this week. Firstly, get into the A.P.C. AW16 look book with French model and #DAZED100 nominee Paul Hameline  (shout-out to golden-fingered Belgian Louis Ghewy who was on hair duty for this look book). The polar bear look is by definition my fave.


Eckhaus Latta

AW16 shag faux shearling moment at NYFW on Monday. It’s pink and yellow and dirty-looking enough for people not to notice the green tea stains I’m bound to make. Should this just be ‘Faux Furs I’m Here For This Week’?

Art Hoe Collective’s


, where I discovered

Rat Baby

and her song

“Sosuke’s Lullaby”

 (A.H.C. are also on the #DAZED100


, my girls Amandla and Willow stan for them so you can’t but get in formation). Rat Baby’s song is dedicated to my all-time favourite Studio Ghibli classic “Ponyo” (rest in peace to my dragon plant ‘Ponyo' (2012-2012)) and makes as little sense as I need my music to make right about now.

The new Kendall and Kylie


. I wasn’t going to do this but I can’t front like being fake friends with those two isn’t everything to me this week. How can I not feel myself with Kylie’s robotized voice bleating “Wow. Dope. You look good in that” from my phone? Stop me if you catch me hawking detox tea and waist trainers on Instagram though.




Art Hoe Collective

, Eckhaus Latta’s




5 mixes for the weekend

5 mixes for the weekend

KNOTORYUS Talks To Artist Cleon Peterson

KNOTORYUS Talks To Artist Cleon Peterson