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Things to Be Here for This Week

Things to Be Here for This Week

Has your week so far been more like the carpet at Maria Sharapova's press conference than Kim K Klapback fabulous? Here are a couple of things you can well and truly be #here for:

Qasimi's AW16 oversized velours shearling looks

This may not have dropped this week but I’m still not over it so that counts. I have half a mind to press charges because I feel like these looks were stolen from my own hypothetical fashion line. Until Baby Charlotte releases a signature culottes line, Sheikh Khalid al Qasimi is fashion’s only royalty and we’re lucky there’s nothing in the protocol that forbids snatching the odd edge or two with your designs.

Anything Willow Smith has done

Following her brother’s Louis Vuitton campaign, the amazing keyboard spaceship warrior known by mortals as Willow Smith was just announced as the new Chanel ambassador and had the following to say: "Thank you Karl Lagerfeld and the entire team at Chanel for expanding the perceptions of "beauty" by picking me to be the new Chanel ambassador. I am honored. #BLACKGIRLMAGIC”. And in case that fire wasn't scorching enough for you, her new Willy Vanderperre-shot W Magazine editoral also just dropped. Find me in the copy shop printing tees saying “I’m with the Smithseses” on them.

(Willow wears Atelier VersaceSchiaparelli and Valentino Haute Couture, respectively)

Kilo Kish and her Existential Crisis Hour!

The track “Existential Crisis Hour!" from Kilo Kish’s new album “Reflections in Real Time” is everything.mp4 right now. The Sims-esque backing track meshed with the #deep Q&A is honestly another blatant theft from my subconscious songwriter notebook. And that album cover!

Pinot by Tituss

As stated in my end-of-year listTituss Burgess’ character in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of my all-time favorites. His 'song’ 'Pinot Noir’ was an instant classic and now he’s done a proper Real Housewives and released an actual pinot wine, with the best landing page in the alco-biz. My mouth is truly ajar (Myanmar, midsize car). I thank D. for informing me that this is an actual thing.

Those Saint Laurent AW16 coats

No words, just LOOKS! Honestly, I feel like Roger from American Dad would wear these to play Maleficent’s downtrodden seductress cousin and that’s a compliment. Still no update on whether Hedi is leaving the brand or not. I may be reaching, your honour, but this very 80s collection is clearly Slimane's way of subliminally declaring he is not leaving until he’s 80.

Five mixes on Friday feat. Darkstar, Clara 3000, Slimzee, Wiley, Matthew William

Five mixes on Friday feat. Darkstar, Clara 3000, Slimzee, Wiley, Matthew William

Here's the Full Rodarte for & Other Stories Lookbook

Here's the Full Rodarte for & Other Stories Lookbook