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Things to Be Here for This Week

Things to Be Here for This Week

Gosha Rubchinskiy SS17 – Image: Pitti Immagine

No need to front: this past weekend’s events in Orlando have taken quite the toll on my spirit. There is nothing more deeply disheartening than seeing one of the few safe spaces my community knows so viciously attacked and defiled. This is an unparalleled tragedy for all those involved directly or just emotionally and we can only hope change for the better follows suit, even against all historic indices. When it seems like there truly is nothing in this world to be #here for, I find some solace in fashion. A world that has been a bastion of queer expression for the longest - perhaps not always overtly but more than often intrinsically. A perfect example of the former is the new Marc Jacobs campaign for AW16: a stunning visual ode to the non-conforming, the ‘other’.


Shot by David Sims and styled by Katie Grand, this campaign is chockfull of atmosphere and off-kilter sultriness. Featured are all-time legend Missy Elliott, movie icon Sissy Spacek, seminal British artist Genesis P-Orridge, sickening models like Grace Bol and Binx Walton plus ex-boyfriends John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla (formerly known on the Gram as @jarlos420). Marc knows how to give us an interesting, out-of-left-field campaign that has no time for social constructs or gender norms and in times like these I am so HERE for that.

Images: Marc Jacobs


A far but no less intriguing cry from Marc’s furs and platform boots is the new Gosha Rubchinskiy SS17 collection, debuted last night at Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence. It’s undeniable that the impact of Gosha is real, he has us out here studying Cyrillic (yes, I know these letters mean GOTOV K TRUDU I OBORONE) and it’s very exciting to see where he's taking this. It would be wrong to categorise Rubchinskiy’s work as ‘post-Soviet youth expressionism’ and take the hammer-and-sickle aesthetic at face value though. As the Comme des Garçons-backed designer so expertly put it to 032c: “I hate tags and I hate borders.” The Instagram-sourced models sported Fila, Sergio Tacchini and Kappa - if one of your classmates didn’t cover the Kappa girls’ heads to form a crude spread-eagle, you’re not a true 90s kid - collabs which had Gosha Rubchinskiy Talk abuzz and I for one am living for those red and silver peaked lapels. Rubchinskiy also dropped his first short film, ‘The Day of My Death’, which you can watch here.

Images: Vogue


I singled Zayn out for greatness from the very beginning – well, me and half a trillion other fangirls – and lo: here he goes working that first Dazed cover! It’s Marc Jacobs leather, it’s Raf Simons knit, it’s see-through Louis, it's everything. Furthermore, I’m proud of him for recently speaking out on his anxiety issues after cancelling a gig, for indirectly unleashing the clapback talents of young miss Skai Jackson and for straight up putting an Urdu song on his debut album.

Photography: Collier Schorr Studio, Styling: Robbie Spencer


Just earlier today, Grace Wales Bonner won the 300,000 LVMH prize as the first individual woman ever and sometimes things in the world are the way they should be. If you think I'm not walking down the aisle in a Wales Bonner cape and choker, you've got another thing coming.

Images:  Vogue  &  Getty Images

Images: Vogue & Getty Images


Last but never least: Ms North West turned three entire years this week and I don’t really understand how she has impacted the world so greatly in such a short time but here we are. She has been over it before tooth number one showed up to the party and has blessed us all ever since. Happy birthday, Nori!

KNOTORYUS at SHOW2016 The Hague

KNOTORYUS at SHOW2016 The Hague

Walter Van Beirendonck Taps KNOTORYUS for the Very First Independent Antwerp Fashion Academy Magazine

Walter Van Beirendonck Taps KNOTORYUS for the Very First Independent Antwerp Fashion Academy Magazine