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Thing To Be Here For This Week

Thing To Be Here For This Week

These are trying times to say the least, so allow me to provide you with some much-needed spiritual ‘entertaintment’. Lobster bisque for the soul. Things to be here for this week!

Francis and The Lights x Bon Iver x Kanye

As if “Summer Friends” on Chance The Rapper’s “Coloring Book” wasn’t enough of a cushion cut gem, Francis and The Lights did the ol’ RiRi wink-and-sprinkle and delivered some more of that goodness on “Friends”, featuring Bon Iver and Kanye West. Kanye’s giving us vintage Sukajan bomber and there are no words for the choreo. Yes J-Vern, point and turn!

Directed by Jake Schreier  - DOP: Adam Newport-Berra. Group picture image: Jake Schreier

Speaking of Francis: Reddit reported this week that someone took a closer look at the calvinklein.com HTML code – people are not playing here – and discovered that Frank Ocean will be dropping a novel as well as The Album and a magazine this year. We have our coins burning a hole in an orange purse and are ready when you are, Frank. Deliver us soon though, because boys definitely will cry if it’s another year.

Linder SS17 denim

New York designers Sam Linder and Kirk Millar debuted their first runway collection for their brand Linder at NYFW this week and the rivet-studded denim was like: “I got this”. I’m not mad at it.

Images: style.com

Teyana Taylor = Lil’ Kim

If this were a detective board game, Teyana Taylor would be my prime suspect of killing it, on stage, with a mic because she DID THAT. She simply became Lil’ Kim during VH1 Hip Hop Honors and left everything on the stage, including the wig by the way. "And that's how you murder a tribute, kids!" - me, as the substitute teacher nobody really hired.


image: Teyana Taylor D’Steph: NIGHT FALLS

Belgian dj icon D’STEPH dropped ‘Night Falls’, a project 3 years in the making, featuring JNM (Amsterdam) and T-Roy (London) and it’s a bop and a half. Having just watched the documentary ‘Strike a Pose’ (go see it, break your heart and learn), you’ll find me hard-pressed not to do a kitchen floor summer voguing session to this!


A new episode of EJNYC means new life in all of the dustiness! EJ Johnson’s solo reality show stint is a gag but attention is also paid to poignant issues like gender identity and black queerness, the Flint water crisis and adoption. It also doesn't hurt to pick up some tricks on how to unsuccessfully introduce your boyfriend to your mom when his name is TRASSH and how to ghost on your frustrated French model boyfriend at your birthday party. You know that would have been me running around these New York streets in a velvet choker and black Rick if Magic and Cookie had peeped my wicker basket floating down the Nile in the 90s!

Things To Be Here For This Week: A Rose, Cold Water And A Dance Church

Things To Be Here For This Week: A Rose, Cold Water And A Dance Church

KNOTORYUS Talks to Goose's Michael Karkousse

KNOTORYUS Talks to Goose's Michael Karkousse