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Lil' Wayne -The Drought is Over - Part 6 - The Reincarnation

Lil' Wayne -The Drought is Over - Part 6 - The Reincarnation

lil_wayne_the_drought_is_over_6_the_reincarnation-front-large.jpg "Hang my feet out the window/Jock my shoe game/All my kicks fly/Like Liu Kang"

Young Mulah drops his 6th installment for the Drought series and it's (sorry, but I have to..) fiyaaaaaaah!!

Tracklist and download links after the jump.

I know every day there's about 5 Lil' Wayne mixtapes coming out, but only the Drama series and the Empire Drought series are worth it.

This one has a little less "turn off the beat, I'm a talk about freakin' Sarah Palin with her glasses on 'til she shouts "Lil' Wayne for president!" - moments and more proper songs on it.

We'll see if this one holds up after a zillion plays.

Or even if it survives next week... that's when the new Clipse 'Road to when the casket drops' mixtape drops.

Until then: listen for yourself...


1. The Reincarnation 2. I’m A Monster 3. Red Magic Ft The Game 4. Nina 5. Best Thing Yet 6. First Place Winner Ft Swizz Beatz, Curren$y & Mack Maine 7. Gorilla 8. Louisianimal Ft Lil Boosie 9. Down Here Ft Rick Ross 10. My Office 11. I Feel Me (Produced By Mental Instruments) 12. Put Me In The Game 13. Different Girl Ft Nu Jerzey Devil 14. Blinded 15. Forever Ft Chris Brown 16. See It For Myself 17. Tell Everybody That You Know Ft Kanye West 18. Whatever You Like Ft Jae Millz & Young Gutta 19. Shootout 20. Dick Pleaser Ft Jae Millz 21. Street Life 22. Drought Is Never Over

Note: Track 17 has been deleted from most free versions.

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