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kim3.jpg As a treat for the fans, Sonic Youth releases a free preview of their upcoming album 'The Eternal'. As far as I can tell from the snippets, it's a return the the 'Goo' sound, my second favourite Sonic album ever (favourite official: 'Sister', favourite bootleg: 'Easy Tiger'). The new album will be out in June, but eager fans will be able to pre-order a special package in April, including a bonus limited live LP + poster.

More info and tracklisting after the jump

"As announced previously, the new Sonic Youth double LP/CD/digital album, ‘The Eternal’ is coming out on June 9 (link to original album announcement) . However, the album will be available to those taking part in Matador’s Buy Early Get Now campaign on April 28.

Along with your preorder of ‘The Eternal’ on LP or CD, you’ll get an instant stream of the album, and later (either picking it up at your fave local record store or through the auspices of the U.S. Postal Service) a bonus limited edition live LP* culled from Sonic Youth’s July 4, 2008 show in Battery Park, which will contain an exclusive poster. Additional MP3’s will be delivered via the BEGN site before or after the album’s physical release date (June 9)."


'The Eternal' not only marks Sonic Youth's return to the independent label sphere (titles on their own SYR label excepted) after a long association with Geffen, but more importantly, ranks as one of their more inspired efforts in a 28 year career.

Recorded through November and December of last year at the band's Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, NJ, 'The Eternal' features many firsts for a Sonic Youth album, including a number of shared vocals between Kim, Thurston, and Lee, and the studio debut of former Pavement/Dustdevils bassist Mark Ibold, a member of Sonic Youth's touring band for the past few years. They will be touring throughout the summer in support of the new album.

1. Sacred Trickster 2. Anti-Orgasm 3. Leaky Lifeboat(for Gregory Corso) 4. Antenna 5. What We Know 6. Calming The Snake 7. Poison Arrow 8. Malibu Gas Station 9. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn 10. No Way 11. Walkin Blue 12. Massage The History