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BEST OF THE WEEKEND - MINTY FRESH (including the excellent new Sonic Youth album and some blah)

BEST OF THE WEEKEND - MINTY FRESH (including the excellent new Sonic Youth album and some blah)



Ridiculous. That's what I would call the previous extended weekend...

I tried to teach the little one some gardening tricks while trying to shield her from nettles.

Nettles basically are the filthy stuff I fell into while being a cub scout or whatever the girlie variant is called. All I know is, shit hurt.

Sunday, her and me figured we'd go for a second round, but this time we came prepared. We wore fishing pants, boots and we each sported a skiing glove on one hand and a kitchen glove on the other.

Damn right we were feeling cocky. I knelt down in front of the biggest bush of weeds and went : what you got?

Then suddenly, the little one sniffed something through her mask and pulled me aside.

"Mommy. Why does this evil plant smells like your chewing gum?"

So ok. Turns out we got a mint infested garden...


Good news: Mojito's on us if next time you visit the offices.

What else happened?


We said goodbye to the intern. This was our farewell gift.

Since she's called Candy De Cock, I decided to edit out the copy of  "My Horizontal Life" before we get sued for sexual harassment.  (By the way hon: You did a good job + please please copyright that name. Now.)

We did buy her the best travel guides ever. Superfuture of course.


The new Magritte museum in Bxl.

One of my besties didn't understand all the fuzz and went : we've had a Magritte Museum in Brussels for years. It's just that nobody knew.


Soundtrack of the weekend: the new Sonic Youth, 'The Eternal".


Hello new indie label (Matador), goodbye Jim O' Rourke. The whole album sounds a lot like Daydream Nation. (And that's about the best review I can think of...) Kim Gordon is still the most convincing moaner this side of Jenna Jameson.


Sonic Youth here