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 unstoppable.png Once the ball gets rolling...

[youtube GA8z7f7a2Pk nolink]

This is a perfect illustration of what I want the next couple of days to be like.

I got to be Unstoppable I got to be Unstoppable Ey ey ey ey You don't lie Ey ey ey ey You don't lie

0-0-7 Mission and it's just one day I marked my position then I ran away Got these boots made for walking and some pepper spray My two guns in my pocket cuz it's brick today I said hey Mrs. Parker Can I get your spot The block too hot No parking spots The joker cops they ticket take my cash The boys on the block Got eyes for my ass


Last stop Franklin smell it makes me sick Got my street vision on I don't see shit And still I stay fresh I spend the top dollar Cuz on my block the knockoffs are fiyah Meet me at the J where they got the Domino game locked Boy cross the street with tight pants .. your hipster ass on down to the Beacon I fly right past him, don't take my mask off


I got the talk The beats and bass Give me one I'll take it Make you lose your place, Tell me I-I-I can play So I speed up the pace I break it break it you can't stop me In this ra-race


BEST OF THE WEEKEND - MINTY FRESH (including the excellent new Sonic Youth album and some blah)